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3 Reasons To Hire A Professional To Tune Your Piano

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If you are the proud owner of a piano, it is probably important to you to make sure that your piano is always kept in tune. You might have thought about doing this job yourself, but no matter how skilled you might be at playing the piano or tuning other instruments, you should know that this is a job that is generally best left to a professional. These are a few reasons why. 1. It Requires Special Tools First of all, you should know that piano tuning isn’t something that you can do with your basic household tool set. Professional piano tuners use highly specialized, intricate tools and often have different tools for different types of pianos. Buying these tools for the job can be expensive, but someone who is experienced at tuning pianos for others will generally have all of the necessary tools to get the job done on the spot. 2. You Could Damage Your Piano No matter how high-end your piano might be, it is possible to break the strings or otherwise damage  the instrument while tuning, particularly if you do not know what you are doing. If you attempt to tune your piano on your own, there is a chance that you could end up causing damage and having to hire a professional anyway, which can be even more expensive than hiring someone to tune it in the first place. Plus, if a pro does cause damage accidentally during the tuning process, he or she will be responsible for making the repairs. 3. It Can Be Challenging to Tune it Properly The reason why you are getting your piano tuned is probably because you want it to sound its best. Even if you are a skilled pianist, however, you might have trouble making your piano sound nice while tuning it, even if you have the right tools and equipment. A professional is highly experienced at doing this, however, and can make sure that your piano is tuned properly and sounds its best when the job is completed. This means that you can get better enjoyment and can make better music from your piano when you are finished. As you can see, it is not usually a good idea to attempt to tune your own piano. Instead, you will generally want to hire a professional piano tuner in your local area to do the job for...

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Adding The Fun Of Karaoke To A Birthday Party

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If you are throwing a birthday party for a loved one, you will most likely want to make it an event that everyone will enjoy and talk about after the celebration is over. One great way to build enthusiasm at a party event is with the entertainment provided. Consider incorporating the fun of karaoke into the birthday party to delight the birthday boy or girl and their guests with lots of laughs and some friendly competition as well. Here are some tips you can use to add karaoke into the party you are hosting. Find The Right Equipment Karaoke is the process of singing along with music without vocals. The words are projected onto a screen or television monitor for the singer to read as the music is played. Having the right equipment is key to a successful karaoke session. If funds are not an issue, you can hire a karaoke DJ to take care of all the musical needs. If you would rather undertake the project on your own to save money, you can either buy or rent a karaoke machine. If you decide to purchase a unit, you will also need speakers, a microphone, and possibly a monitor if it is not included in the unit itself. Finding compact discs or digital songs to sing will also be your responsibility. Many find renting a unit, such as from Party People Rentals & Sales, is a better option cost-wise for a party as all the equipment will be provided with the rental. The music will also be programmed into the unit for easy song selection. Set Up The Performance Area Consider making a stage out of wood pallets. Set out several pallets and cover them with a piece of velvet material. If desired,construct an archway from balloons to use as a backdrop for the staging area. String holiday lights around the archway or along the edges of the stage floor to illuminate the area to draw attraction. Make sure the monitor you are using or the karaoke unit itself (if the screen is incorporated into the model) is placed in front of the staging area so the singers will be able to see the words without trouble. Start The Singing Extravaganza Have those interested in singing a tune put their name on a list so there is a structured order, allowing each person to get a fair turn at the microphone. Consider having participants sing a “mystery” song that is selected for them by the person having the birthday or randomly by someone in the crowd. Another fun idea is to have a contest where each person sings a song and is then rated by secret ballot. Tally up the scores and give the winner a crown or...

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How To Help Your Teenager Develop Self-Confidence

Posted by on Apr 7, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on How To Help Your Teenager Develop Self-Confidence

Remember when your teenager was a little child and all you had to do was to give him or her a high five and he or she would be on top of the world? Those were easy days compared to raising a teenager! Of course, it’s normal for teenagers to lack self-confidence at times. However, if you feel that your teenager’s lack of confidence is creating a problem in his or her life it might be time for you to step in to help. From learning a skill to taking special classes, here are some ideas that might inspire you to strengthen your teenager’s self-confidence.    Learning Something New – Sometimes kids feel inadequate because they feel that they can’t live up to things that their friends are accomplishing. For example, perhaps your daughter tried out to be a cheerleader along with her best friend and only her best friend made the squad. That hurts! Maybe your son was the only one of his friends who didn’t make the basketball team. That hurts, too! If something like that has happened in your child’s life, he or she might feel a lot better if he or she develops a skill that nobody else has. Does your child have an interest in learning how to do woodwork? Perhaps he or she wants to become an excellent seamstress. Find out the skills your child would like to learn and find a way for that dream to be accomplished. Take Special Classes – Taking classes with other teenagers will open all kinds of doors. One of the benefits of taking classes is that your child will be making new friends that have many of the same interests that your child has. For instance, acting classes for teenagers bring together kids who want to express themselves in a dramatic way. Imagine the fun of learning how to do on the spot improv. And, imagine the pride your child will have when he or she has been able to memorize countless lines in preparing to be in a play with the other kids in his or her acting class. The great part about being in a class is that, besides being with other teenagers, your child will be rubbing shoulders with instructors that have a love of their craft and that have an interest in working with young people.  One good idea is to write down a list of skills and a list of classes that your teenager might enjoy. If your child is hesitant to try any of the things that are offered, just ask him or her to try it for about six months. Usually, a decision to continue the class or skill will be chosen....

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Five Creative Wedding Photo Ideas

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Your wedding photos will bring up memories of your special day for years to come. While your wedding photographer will certainly help you come up with fun, unique shots, it’s important to come prepared with your own ideas, too. Here are a few unique wedding photo ideas that go beyond the classic stand-with-the-cake and ring presentation shots. Capture a Shoe Toss So many bridesmaid pictures are perfectly poised and elegant. While you want memories of your girls looking nice, you also want to remember the fun and craziness of this day. Have your bridesmaids form a line and link arms. (Stand in the middle of them). Walk towards your photographer, and fling off your shoes at the exact second the picture is taken. The result? Your pretty faces — and pretty shoes flying in the air! Make Like the Beatles Remember the Abbey Road album cover where the Beatles are walking across the street, single file? This is a great one for the groomsmen to recreate. If you have a smaller wedding party, have everyone walk across an intersection. Make sure it’s one with clear, white lines marked on the road for the closest replica of Abbey Road possible. Make Angry Faces Why pretend that you and your partner are perfect all of the time? Hold up a sign that says “first fight” and make angry faces. This one will have you giggling by the time you get the right shot. Each time you look back on it, you’ll be reminded that anger is only temporary and can be replaced by laughter. Hold Up a Picture Frame Have a member of your wedding party kneel close to the camera, holding up an empty picture frame. (This task works well for a flower girl, junior bridesmaid, or ring bearer). You and your spouse-to-be can be walking along a path in the distance. Make sure the shot is lined up to make it look like you are within the picture frame. Feeding Each Other “Not Cake” So many brides and grooms barely get a chance to sit down and eat the meal at their own wedding, that this has become a sort-of joke. Make light of this situation (and ensure you do get to enjoy the meal) by arranging a few shots of you placing items other than cake inside each other’s mouths. A photo of you feeding each other broccoli or carrots is silly enough to bring on the snickers....

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How Swim Lessons Can Help Your Child with Autism

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When you’re looking for the best recreational activities for your child on the autism spectrum, don’t underestimate the benefits of swimming. Not only is it a great physical activity that will keep your child moving, it’s also easier on less-developed muscles than some organized sports. Read on for several more reasons to consider swimming for kids with autism. It Provides a Sensory Outlet Kids who have autism often have sensory processing problems as well. As a result, they can be easily distracted. Often, this sensitivity can lead to problems dealing with all of the stimuli of a public pool, such as the noise, the people, and the heavy chlorine. Instead, one-on-one lessons in a private pool may provide a better environment. Just make sure that the pool is a moderate temperature and is quiet and calm. This type of environment may actually help your child to find his or her own natural ability to process sensory input. By finding a way to cope with the sensory struggles through swimming and natural relaxation in the water, your child may be able to enjoy some time free of the sensory struggles. The water provides a sense of balanced pressure on your child’s body, which acts almost like a weighted blanket. It Helps to Develop Coordination and Muscle Tone Kids on the spectrum often have trouble with poor coordination and low muscle tone. If you want to help your child develop more physical strength, coordination, and motor skills, swimming can do just that. Work with a private teacher to help your child learn how to swim in a controlled environment. It also makes it easier to have the teacher focus on the specific motions and muscles that are troublesome. Since the water creates a low-impact environment, you’ll have less concern about muscle injuries. It’s a safe environment where your child can develop some understanding of his or her physical limitations and body boundaries without risking injury or struggling with sensory processing. It Gives You Peace of Mind One of the most common causes of death for kids on the spectrum is drowning, especially because kids with autism often wander. This can be dangerous, because kids on the spectrum often lack the spatial awareness to keep them from stepping off the edge of a pool deck or into a pond. By teaching your child to swim, you’ll reduce the risk of him or her becoming a victim of a water injury or drowning. Contact a representative from a facility like the Jersey Wahoos Swim Club to see whether they’d be amenable to allowing your child to have private swim lessons...

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4 Tips For A Successful Outdoor Wedding

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  An outdoor wedding ceremony gives you the chance to exchange vows in the beautiful cathedral of mother nature. Whether you are celebrating your wedding in a backyard, in a park, or at a well-manicured outdoor venue, making sure you are prepared is the key to a successful event. The Following tips can help you host a wonderful outdoor wedding. Tip #1: Arrange for Shelter Hopefully the weather cooperates and your wedding day dawns still and clear. It’s best to be prepared, though, just in case. Arrange for a large tent or canopy for the wedding site if there is no other shelter available. Some rental companies will allow you to reserve them as a contingency just in case, but you won’t have to pay the full rental fee unless they are actually necessary and set up on the day of the wedding. Tip #2: Choose Furniture Wisely Don’t give in to the temptation to rent cheap metal folding chairs and plastic tables from an outdoor furniture rental. You’ll end up wanting to jazz them up with fabric bows and tablecloths, which just blow around and create trouble at outdoor weddings and receptions. Instead, rent quality outdoor furniture. Rental companies usually have furniture available in a range of colors and designs. You can use pretty white aluminum furniture, made to resemble cast iron, for a garden wedding, or sturdy wooden slat style furniture for a beach wedding. The tables and chairs will be made for the elements and attractive on their own, so there is no need to dress them up. Tip #3: Skimp on the Decorations The natural scenery is your main decoration, so don’t go overboard with décor items. As mentioned above, they tend to just blow around and create problems, even in a light breeze. A few strategically placed ribbon or bunting garlands, along with attractive table centerpieces are all you need. Keep in mind that you may want to avoid flowers on the tables, though, if bees or other insects are an issue at your outdoor venue. Opt for candles or natural centerpieces that won’t attract bothersome pollinators. Tip #4: Use a Sound System Nature can be loud. The roar of the waves, the wind in the willows, and sounds of the bird song can all drown out the exchanging of vows or the best man’s toast. Rent a sound system to accompany the wedding party at these key moments, to ensure that even those seated the furthest out can hear everything that is being said....

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3 Tips For Entertaining During A Private Yacht Corporate Event

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If you’re going to be holding a corporate charter event on a private yacht, there are many things to plan ahead for. Food, drinks, and an invitation list need to be planned ahead of time, naturally, as well as the entertainment you’ll be having. Here are three tips to keep in mind when making entertainment plans specifically: Themes Work Well If you’re having trouble coming up with interesting entertainment ideas, try working around a theme. Seasonal or holiday themes often work best. If the event is during the summer, for instance, you can consider a luau theme or a tropical island getaway theme. Luau music and dancing can work as entertainment for the first idea while karaoke or even a movie-watching marathon may work for the second. Showing old movies and TV shows that showcase your theme is a good way to “break the ice” so to speak and encourage your coworkers to relax and break into smaller groups if they feel more social. Include Favors Party favors are often a great way to show appreciation during a corporate event. Plan these around your theme and entertainment choice if possible. For the luau idea, for example, hand out trophies to those who deserve them while awarding every guest with a flower lei and pen holder or car accessory shaped like a luau dancer. Entertainment-themed favors help keep the atmosphere during the event light and cheerful while giving you the opportunity to discuss work-related manners and award deserving employees. Hold Contests One way to get your employees to enjoy themselves is to hold entertaining contests that reward them for competing in a friendly manner. Some ideas include a karaoke contest, a team-based dance-off, a team-based skit contest, or a joke-telling contest. Keep the subject manner related to your event’s theme and try and encourage everyone to work in pairs or form teams. This gets everyone involved while letting your employees work on their teamwork skills. Everyone can vote afterwards to name a winner. Hand out prizes like theme-related gadgets or gift certificates. Corporate events often present a challenge when it comes to balancing work-related socialization with fun. To create the perfect balance, plan entertainment choices and activities that bring everyone together and ensure everyone has fun. Use the above ideas as a guideline to plan a private charter event that your employees and coworkers will be talking about for years to come. To learn more about renting a private charter, contact a company like Captain Memo’s Original Pirate...

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Did You Inherit Collectible Memorabilia From A Loved One? Learn How To Determine Its Value

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Inheriting items from a memorabilia collector could be a very lucrative endeavor. There are many classic items that are now worth a lot of money. In order to sell the items and get the most money for them, you must first ensure that the items are real and determine what their true value is. The following guide will walk you through the process of selling inherited collectibles. Have the Items Authenticated Items that have been signed by celebrities, been used in film, or that have historical value need to be authenticated by a professional from a site like to ensure that they are what you think they are. There are professional companies that are dedicated to authenticating items. You can take the items to the authentication company and have them inspect them. For signatures, they compare the signature to a known writing of the person whom supposedly autographed the item. For historical items or items from the films, there are markings, references, and sometimes even pictures of the items that prove they are the real deal. When the items are authenticated, you will get a certificate of authenticity to include with the items so that you can prove they are what you say they are. Have the Items Appraised Once you know that the items you have is real, you will need to get them appraised by a professional appraiser. The appraiser will use the information that you provide to them to compare the items to other similar items that have sold recently. This allows them to determine if they are sought after and how much people are willing to pay for them. The appraiser will then give you an appraisal in writing for the pieces. Hire a Professional to Sell Them There are memorabilia dealers that specialize in the buying and selling of classic items. The dealer will be able to find people who are looking for the exact items that you are selling and be able to get you the most money possible for them. Finding someone to buy the items on your own would be very time consuming and difficult. The dealer will take a small commission from the sale, but it will be well worth it, if you are able to get a ton of money for the pieces. If you choose that you do not want to sell the pieces and would rather keep them in your family, use the appraisal value as the insurance value. You want to be sure to include the items on your homeowners insurance just in case anything...

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Four Things That You Will Want To Get The Most Out Of Conventions And Events You Attend

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If your business consists of going to a lot of business conventions and events, there are a lot of things you can do to make the most out of these. You will want to have all the equipment you need to get the most out of an event, this can include things like event tents, generators, lighting and displays for your booths at conventions and events. Here are some of the essentials to make your event going experiences more successful: 1. Event Tents, Seating And Tables Whether the events you attend are indoors or outdoors, you will want to have gear like event tents, seating and tables. If the events you attend are usually just business conventions, you may just want to have a tent that can be setup for events in convention centers and outdoors. If you attend events like craft events or sell goods outdoor, you may want to have a larger tent with more heavy-duty fabric that can withstand different types of weather conditions. You will also want to choose seating and tables according to the needs of your business. 2. Generators, Converters And Power Supply Wherever you attend conventions, you can be sure that you will need power at some point. Outdoors, you can use a small generator to give your booth power. Indoors, you may want to invest in deep cycle batteries and converters that can provide you with power when you do not have power available. The batteries and converters can also be used with small solar panels to give you a green power solution for your booth. 3. Lighting, Outlets And Electrical Cabling It is also a good idea to invest in lighting, cabling and electrical outlets. If you need to have things like computers, POS and refrigeration systems, you will want to have electrical wiring for these systems. You may also want to have different types of lighting for your tent, and other things like display cases to make your booth more attractive. 4. Event Displays, Cabinets And Storage Systems   Event displays are also important, and will help you to showcase your business. You may want to have portable displays, cabinets and storage solutions. Usually, vendors of event tents also have storage solutions that are dedicated to the needs of businesses that attend events and conventions. These systems will allow you to quickly setup and take down your booth at every event you attend. These are some of the things that you may want to get the most out of the events you attend. If you need materials like tents, contact an event tent rental service to get everything you need to make the next event you attend a success. To learn more, contact a company like Mountain View Tent Company with any questions you might...

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What To Expect From Today’s Tattoo Artist

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In decades past, the image of the grizzled old tattoo artist was commonplace. Today’s tattoo artists are cut from different cloth though, and while there are still some of the old guard in business, they’re becoming relics of a bygone era. Tattoo’s today are safer, cleaner and more widely accepted than at any other point in American history, and the professionals who do the work have changed with the times. Formal Education Whether it’s a basic healthcare certificate or a master’s degree in art, most tattoo artists working today have some kind of formal education under their belt. Not only does this make them more competent at what they do, it also ensures that you’re going to get a higher quality piece of work with less risk of infection or fading. All that education means that they take pride in what they do, which translates to better value and better service. Even those who don’t have a graduate-level degree are still required to undergo some basic tattoo training in most states. Following this, many states also require a period of apprenticeship before any artist can begin working on their own. This level of regulation provides you with the security of knowing that the person performing what amounts to minor surgery has at least gained your state’s seal of approval. Health and Hygiene Practices With so much additional training, education and personal pride going into every tattoo that today’s artists do, there is that much more stress placed on sanitation and hygiene. Not only will improper hygiene practices potentially ruin a tattoo, but an infection originating from a tattoo can be life threatening. This is why so many within the tattoo industry stress the importance of using sterilized tools, non-reactive metals and surgical gloves during any tattoo work. Even once a tattoo is done there is still a high risk of infection, so sterile bandages are often used to cover fresh work. This is as much to protect the new art as it is to protect its owner’s health, of course. Many tattoo artists also offer follow-up consultation to their clients, in the event that the healing process doesn’t seem to be going quite right. In most cases, touching base with the artist is faster and cheaper than visiting a doctor, but if it’s necessary they’ll still refer you to a medical professional for proper care. Given the history of tattoos in America, it’s no wonder so much focus has been placed on changing the perception people have of both artists and their clients. If you’re considering a new tattoo make sure you’re being selective about who does it and where it’s done, because the level of skill, professionalism and hygiene available to you is incredible. For more information. talk to a local tattoo parlor, like The Ink...

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