3 Tips For Entertaining During A Private Yacht Corporate Event

If you're going to be holding a corporate charter event on a private yacht, there are many things to plan ahead for. Food, drinks, and an invitation list need to be planned ahead of time, naturally, as well as the entertainment you'll be having. Here are three tips to keep in mind when making entertainment plans specifically:

Themes Work Well

If you're having trouble coming up with interesting entertainment ideas, try working around a theme. Seasonal or holiday themes often work best. If the event is during the summer, for instance, you can consider a luau theme or a tropical island getaway theme. Luau music and dancing can work as entertainment for the first idea while karaoke or even a movie-watching marathon may work for the second. Showing old movies and TV shows that showcase your theme is a good way to "break the ice" so to speak and encourage your coworkers to relax and break into smaller groups if they feel more social.

Include Favors

Party favors are often a great way to show appreciation during a corporate event. Plan these around your theme and entertainment choice if possible. For the luau idea, for example, hand out trophies to those who deserve them while awarding every guest with a flower lei and pen holder or car accessory shaped like a luau dancer. Entertainment-themed favors help keep the atmosphere during the event light and cheerful while giving you the opportunity to discuss work-related manners and award deserving employees.

Hold Contests

One way to get your employees to enjoy themselves is to hold entertaining contests that reward them for competing in a friendly manner. Some ideas include a karaoke contest, a team-based dance-off, a team-based skit contest, or a joke-telling contest. Keep the subject manner related to your event's theme and try and encourage everyone to work in pairs or form teams. This gets everyone involved while letting your employees work on their teamwork skills. Everyone can vote afterwards to name a winner. Hand out prizes like theme-related gadgets or gift certificates.

Corporate events often present a challenge when it comes to balancing work-related socialization with fun. To create the perfect balance, plan entertainment choices and activities that bring everyone together and ensure everyone has fun. Use the above ideas as a guideline to plan a private charter event that your employees and coworkers will be talking about for years to come.

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