4 Tips For A Successful Outdoor Wedding


An outdoor wedding ceremony gives you the chance to exchange vows in the beautiful cathedral of mother nature. Whether you are celebrating your wedding in a backyard, in a park, or at a well-manicured outdoor venue, making sure you are prepared is the key to a successful event. The Following tips can help you host a wonderful outdoor wedding.

Tip #1: Arrange for Shelter

Hopefully the weather cooperates and your wedding day dawns still and clear. It's best to be prepared, though, just in case. Arrange for a large tent or canopy for the wedding site if there is no other shelter available. Some rental companies will allow you to reserve them as a contingency just in case, but you won't have to pay the full rental fee unless they are actually necessary and set up on the day of the wedding.

Tip #2: Choose Furniture Wisely

Don't give in to the temptation to rent cheap metal folding chairs and plastic tables from an outdoor furniture rental. You'll end up wanting to jazz them up with fabric bows and tablecloths, which just blow around and create trouble at outdoor weddings and receptions. Instead, rent quality outdoor furniture. Rental companies usually have furniture available in a range of colors and designs. You can use pretty white aluminum furniture, made to resemble cast iron, for a garden wedding, or sturdy wooden slat style furniture for a beach wedding. The tables and chairs will be made for the elements and attractive on their own, so there is no need to dress them up.

Tip #3: Skimp on the Decorations

The natural scenery is your main decoration, so don't go overboard with décor items. As mentioned above, they tend to just blow around and create problems, even in a light breeze. A few strategically placed ribbon or bunting garlands, along with attractive table centerpieces are all you need. Keep in mind that you may want to avoid flowers on the tables, though, if bees or other insects are an issue at your outdoor venue. Opt for candles or natural centerpieces that won't attract bothersome pollinators.

Tip #4: Use a Sound System

Nature can be loud. The roar of the waves, the wind in the willows, and sounds of the bird song can all drown out the exchanging of vows or the best man's toast. Rent a sound system to accompany the wedding party at these key moments, to ensure that even those seated the furthest out can hear everything that is being said.