Five Creative Wedding Photo Ideas

Your wedding photos will bring up memories of your special day for years to come. While your wedding photographer will certainly help you come up with fun, unique shots, it's important to come prepared with your own ideas, too. Here are a few unique wedding photo ideas that go beyond the classic stand-with-the-cake and ring presentation shots.

Capture a Shoe Toss

So many bridesmaid pictures are perfectly poised and elegant. While you want memories of your girls looking nice, you also want to remember the fun and craziness of this day. Have your bridesmaids form a line and link arms. (Stand in the middle of them). Walk towards your photographer, and fling off your shoes at the exact second the picture is taken. The result? Your pretty faces -- and pretty shoes flying in the air!

Make Like the Beatles

Remember the Abbey Road album cover where the Beatles are walking across the street, single file? This is a great one for the groomsmen to recreate. If you have a smaller wedding party, have everyone walk across an intersection. Make sure it's one with clear, white lines marked on the road for the closest replica of Abbey Road possible.

Make Angry Faces

Why pretend that you and your partner are perfect all of the time? Hold up a sign that says "first fight" and make angry faces. This one will have you giggling by the time you get the right shot. Each time you look back on it, you'll be reminded that anger is only temporary and can be replaced by laughter.

Hold Up a Picture Frame

Have a member of your wedding party kneel close to the camera, holding up an empty picture frame. (This task works well for a flower girl, junior bridesmaid, or ring bearer). You and your spouse-to-be can be walking along a path in the distance. Make sure the shot is lined up to make it look like you are within the picture frame.

Feeding Each Other "Not Cake"

So many brides and grooms barely get a chance to sit down and eat the meal at their own wedding, that this has become a sort-of joke. Make light of this situation (and ensure you do get to enjoy the meal) by arranging a few shots of you placing items other than cake inside each other's mouths. A photo of you feeding each other broccoli or carrots is silly enough to bring on the snickers.