Is Script Coverage Right For You?

Screenwriting services offer a host of benefits, including script coverage. Script coverage can provide you with an analysis of your screenplay that could be crucial in determining what your next step is. If you are unsure whether or not script coverage is necessary, here is what you need to know. 

What Is Script Coverage?

Script coverage is an analysis of your screenplay that involves a reading of your script and an evaluation of its quality. During the evaluation, every aspect of the script is evaluated, including the character's names, the story structure, and your writing style. 

The final evaluation given to you is usually in the form of a written report. The report includes a grade that indicates whether or not the play is ready to proceed to the next level or if it needs to be revised. 

Is Script Coverage Beneficial?

Script coverage is not a mandatory part of the screenwriting process, but it can help you ensure that your script is ready to move forward. One of the main benefits you get from script coverage is that you walk away from the analysis with an idea of what works and does not work with the script. 

When you submit your script for analysis, a professional who has experience with working with a studio or major agency reads it. As a result, you have a professional who can help you understand what it is that agents and producers are looking for. 

Even if your script is not completed, script coverage can help. The analysis provides you with a fresh set of eyes that can possibly provide some guidance on which direction you need to go. 

Are There Drawbacks?

Although script coverage has many benefits, there are some drawbacks. For instance, script coverage does provide an analysis, but it is not as detailed as script notes. Script notes tend to be very detail-oriented. By contrast, script coverage is a quick snapshot of your script. If you have previously had notes on your script, coverage is a logical step though.

Script coverage also does not guarantee that your script will be snatched up by a production company or agent. However, it does help to ensure that you are putting the best possible version of your script out there for consideration when you are ready to.

Consult with a screenwriting service to further explore the benefits of using script coverage to review your script.