Adding The Fun Of Karaoke To A Birthday Party

If you are throwing a birthday party for a loved one, you will most likely want to make it an event that everyone will enjoy and talk about after the celebration is over. One great way to build enthusiasm at a party event is with the entertainment provided. Consider incorporating the fun of karaoke into the birthday party to delight the birthday boy or girl and their guests with lots of laughs and some friendly competition as well. Here are some tips you can use to add karaoke into the party you are hosting.

Find The Right Equipment

Karaoke is the process of singing along with music without vocals. The words are projected onto a screen or television monitor for the singer to read as the music is played. Having the right equipment is key to a successful karaoke session.

If funds are not an issue, you can hire a karaoke DJ to take care of all the musical needs. If you would rather undertake the project on your own to save money, you can either buy or rent a karaoke machine. If you decide to purchase a unit, you will also need speakers, a microphone, and possibly a monitor if it is not included in the unit itself. Finding compact discs or digital songs to sing will also be your responsibility. Many find renting a unit, such as from Party People Rentals & Sales, is a better option cost-wise for a party as all the equipment will be provided with the rental. The music will also be programmed into the unit for easy song selection.

Set Up The Performance Area

Consider making a stage out of wood pallets. Set out several pallets and cover them with a piece of velvet material. If desired,construct an archway from balloons to use as a backdrop for the staging area. String holiday lights around the archway or along the edges of the stage floor to illuminate the area to draw attraction. Make sure the monitor you are using or the karaoke unit itself (if the screen is incorporated into the model) is placed in front of the staging area so the singers will be able to see the words without trouble.

Start The Singing Extravaganza

Have those interested in singing a tune put their name on a list so there is a structured order, allowing each person to get a fair turn at the microphone. Consider having participants sing a "mystery" song that is selected for them by the person having the birthday or randomly by someone in the crowd. Another fun idea is to have a contest where each person sings a song and is then rated by secret ballot. Tally up the scores and give the winner a crown or medal.