Equip Your Home Theater Room With A Custom Marquee Sign

A high degree of attention to detail when you're constructing a home theater system can make for a space that you and your family love using — and that your neighbors and friends are frequently excited to check out. A number of things that go into the home theater can add to the atmosphere, but it can be fun to think about going the extra mile to truly make this space special. One thing that you can do is work with a local sign company to construct a custom marquee sign that you can display on the wall outside of the theater or perhaps somewhere inside of the space. Here are some ideas for designing and using this sign.

Choose A Name

It may seem a little grandiose to name your home theater, but doing so will be important if you're getting a marquee sign designed. The name itself can be simple. Something that includes your family's surname — "The Robinson Family Theater" — for example, is adequate. You'll also want the sign to include the year in which you opened the home theater. Have your sign maker design a basic logo with this wording, as well as produce a sign that shares many of the same visual characteristics as a classic theater marquee sign. This added touch will provide a lot of excitement for your viewing parties.

List What You're Watching

The main functionality of a marquee sign, of course, is to have enough space to list the movie that will soon be appearing on the screen. Your sign company can provide you with a collection of letters that you can slide onto the sign to identify the movie that you'll be screening for your family or for your guests. You can get creative when you have enough space and enough letters, too. For example, if you're watching a live sporting event instead of a movie, you can identify the names of the teams that will be playing.

Welcome Your Guests

Theater marquee signs often have a couple of lines for large letters, and then a line or two for smaller letters to provide additional information. Have your sign maker design your home theater sign in this manner, and you'll be able to use the smaller letters for additional purposes. For example, if you're having a child's birthday party in the theater room, you can write the name of the movie the kids will be watching, and then add a birthday greeting in smaller letters below.