Do You Host A Romance Book Club For Single Women? 3 Tips To Transform Your Discussions On The Next Adult Romantic Thriller Novel

Hosting a book club puts you in touch with some fantastic minds, and it is fun to share your favorite pastime with other people who enjoy the same book genre. Romance novels are filled with tension and suspense that makes it easy to come up with questions that drive your discussions. However, there comes a time when you might want to shake things up. After all, your group can start to fall into a routine where everyone does the most predictable things. As you get ready to read your next adult romantic thriller novel, try out these three ideas to transform your upcoming meetings.

Have Everyone Write Their Predictions for the Ending

Most book club discussions are based upon what is actually happening in the novel. However, an adult romantic suspense novel has so many twists and turns that it is fun to predict what everyone thinks will happen after they read the first chapter or two. Ask your group to write down their predictions and to be as creative as possible. Then, put these away to share at the final discussion of the book. It'll be fun to see how people's perceptions changed from the beginning. You can even consider giving a prize to anyone who hits the ending on the head with accuracy. 

Host a Themed Party Complete With Costumes

Diving into the plot is so much easier when you actually dress the part. Consider hosting at least one of your sessions as a themed party that everyone is invited to participate in somehow. For instance, you could host a murder mystery party in which you all act out various characters from the story. Don't worry if you haven't finished the book yet. You can have a lot of fun just creating potential alternate endings. If your group isn't into acting so much, then simply host a party with some elements from the book such as adding some decorations that are aligned with the setting.

Encourage Deeper Personal Connections

Romantic suspense novels inspire a sense of fear and are meant to generate thrills. Invite the members of your group to talk about the things that scare them. If the members of your group are particularly open, then you can also encourage them to talk about things that have happened in their personal lives that might have been scary or just plain exciting. Getting the members of the group to get in touch with their emotional reaction will help deepen their discussions of future thriller novels.