Options For Artistic Children At A Children’s Birthday Party Center

One of the best things about finding a top-notch children's birthday party center in your community is that many of these locations have a seemingly endless number of options for kids. While lots of birthday party centers focus more on activities for high-energy children — bouncing on trampolines, playing in ball pits, and even driving go-karts, for example — there are often a variety of options that may be appealing if you're looking for something quieter. If your child has an artistic side and the friends who will be attending their party share this interest, here are some options to consider.

Painting Workshop

Most children who are artistic love painting, and you'll likely be able to find a painting workshop at the local children's birthday party center. These centers offer different types of painting programs based on the age of the children. For example, if the children are young, a good option might be finger painting. For children who are slightly older, a workshop that focuses on painting by numbers may be available. For even older children, a lesson with an artist to teach the children how to paint animals may be something that the kids find appealing.

Pottery Workshop

Another type of artistic option for children at a birthday party center is learning about pottery. If you can find a center that has a particularly art-friendly focus, it may have a pottery room that groups can book for parties. If your child and their friends love building objects out of modeling clay or child-friendly putty, they'll undoubtedly be excited about the opportunity to enjoy a pottery workshop. A staff member will give the group a short tutorial, and then lead the children through making their own pottery creation.

Stained Glass Workshop

If your child has seen stained glass windows in your church or in other buildings around the community and expressed interest in them, a workshop that focuses on making stained glass creations may be something to explore. There are plenty of options for child-friendly stained glass. Typically, the children will place colorful plastic beads inside of a metal frame, which the instructor will then heat in an oven for a short period of time. The heat of the oven will cause the beads to melt, filling their spaces inside of the frame. Once everything cools, each child will be left with a homemade stained glass creation.

For more information about planning kids' birthday parties, contact a local kids' birthday party center.