Bounce Castle Rentals And The Questions To Ask Before Your Child’s Party

Will an inflatable attraction make your child's birthday the party of the season? If this is your first experience with bounce castle rentals, take a look at the questions to ask before you agree to an estimate or sign a contract.

What is Included in the Price?

Does the rental price include a basic bounce house only? Is there a per-hour charge? Will you need to pay extra for add-ons or extra time? Before you agree to a rental estimate, ask the company what the price includes. If you're not sure how long the birthday party will last or you prefer the rental contractor to set up the inflatable a few hours in advance of the start time, ask if you'll need to pay an extra charge for added use.

How Many People Can Fit Into the Bounce Castle?

Even though you want your child and their friends to have fun, safety is the top priority. To keep the kids safe, you need to know how many people can fit into the bounce castle at one time. Failure to follow the occupancy directions could result in injury. A tightly-packed inflatable won't leave much room for bouncing. This means the children could forcefully bump into each other or possibly even accidentally push someone out of the castle.

Along with accidental injury, over-filling an inflatable could result in permanent damage to the bouncy castle. The more people you put into the area, the more pressure there is on the inflatable. Add too many (or too much weight), and your party guests could put unnecessary stress on the floor or sides of the castle.

How Much Weight Can the Bounce Castle Hold?

Occupancy isn't the only guest-related question to ask before you choose a bouncy castle. Ask the rental company about the overall allowed weight. This number can help you to calculate the number of party guests allowed in the bounce castle at one time.

What Are the Rental Company's Safety Rules?

The rental company may have a specific set of safety rules or regulations you need to follow. These rules can help to decrease the risks of accidents and injuries and may keep the contractor's equipment (including the bounce castle itself) safe. Make sure the company provides you with a full list of these rules well before your child's party. You may need to post these rules or give your guests (and their parents) the list.