Fun Entertainment Options To Look For At A Mountain Resort

When you go stay at a mountain resort, there are certain types of entertainment you expect to enjoy while you're there. Skiing and snowboarding are almost always options. Sitting around a warm fire is almost always an option, too. However, there are other activities that some resorts offer, but others do not. Here are some other fun activities and entertainment options to look for when you book a stay at a mountain resort.

Outdoor Hot Tubs

Relaxing in a hot tub is always fun, but have you ever done it while surrounded by snow? This is an option at some mountain resorts. They may have a big hot tub, surrounded by wooden features and a snowy area. At some resorts, you may even be able to order drinks from the bar while relaxing in the hot tub. If anyone in your group likes the idea of snowy weather but also hates the cold, looking for a resort with a hot tub is a great idea.

Live Music

Some resorts have a bar and restaurant on-site. They hire bands to play live music on certain nights of the week. This can be a really fun type of entertainment to enjoy when you're staying at a mountain resort, especially if the bands are ones that get the audience really involved. Bands that play country or bluegrass music are especially fun as the music will fit the scenery.

Guided Hikes

Hiking around in the winter is a ton of fun, but it can also be a bit intimidating. You may be worried about getting lost when it's so cold out! So, looking for a resort that offers guided hikes is a great idea. You can enjoy hiking but with the knowledge that you have a guide with you who will ensure you don't get lost or put yourself in any real danger. Having guided hikes provided as entertainment will encourage you to get outside of the resort a little more, too.

Cooking Demonstrations

Most mountain resorts prepare food for you. But some go a step beyond this and let you watch your food be prepared! This may be referred to as an "open kitchen" or "cooking show" concept. When you're relaxing and in vacation mode in a chilly place, watching hot food being prepared is great entertainment.

When you stay at a mountain resort, your goal is to have a fun time. The entertainment options above can help with that!

Contact a mountain resort with entertainment options to learn more.