Three Unique Options For Wedding Entertainment

When you're planning your wedding reception and you want to make this part of your day as enjoyable as possible for those in attendance, it's useful to consider the many entertainment options that are available. A live band or DJ can keep the guests entertained at times, but it doesn't hurt to use one or more additional forms of entertainment. There are all sorts of options to consider, each of which can help to give your reception a unique feel for your guests. Here are three wedding entertainment ideas to consider.

Speed Painter

Some people like the idea of hiring a speed painter to perform at their wedding. This is an artist who has the unique talent of being able to complete a painting quickly. The speed painter will set up an easel and their supplies in a specific area and then begin painting. Some guests may have fun standing behind the artist to check the progress of the piece of art, while likely marveling at how quickly it's coming together. When the piece is complete, the artist will reveal it to you and the group. You can then take the finished piece home with you, which will provide a nice keepsake of your wedding day.


If you and your significant other have good senses of humor and love attending live comedy shows together, you might wish to hire a comedian to provide some entertainment. There are many comedians who have sets that are suitable for weddings; the jokes will be appropriate for your younger and older guests alike. You may even get a chance to spend a little time with the comedian in advance so that they get to know you. This will allow them to write some gentle jokes that are specific to you, which can be fun for the gathered guests.


Another option that can be exciting for your guests is to hire some dancers to perform. You can hire a local couple who excels in ballroom dancing to perform a routine before you and your guests hit the dance floor to dance the night away. Or, you might favor a group that specializes in a certain type of international dance if this type of dance has a special significance to you or your significant other. For example, an Irish dance group that performs can often be appropriate. Look online to learn more about these and other wedding entertainment options.

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