3 Ways To Take Great Phone Pictures At The Aquarium

An aquarium experience has a lot of sights and visuals you may want to capture for years to come. When you visit an aquarium, you will likely come across a point where you want to take pictures and remember some key moments. Before you plan a trip to an aquarium park, check out some of the tips to help capture better cell phone photos.

Each tip specifically applies to an aquarium setting and will give you a lot more memorable pictures to enjoy.

1. Turn Off Flash

Many aquariums do not allow flash photography for the protection of the animals and even if they do, bright flashes will do nothing to help your pictures. Turn off the flash on your phone capture to capture much better pictures. If you have the flash on, the brightness of the flash will reflect off the tank and make it hard to see anything behind the tank glass.

If you use the flash on a person who stands in front of an aquarium exhibit, then the flash will focus on their body and the tank will look completely dark. Aquariums often feature cool light designs that phone cameras will pick up without the use of flash.

2. Look For Statues & Outdoor Pictures

If an aquarium features any outdoor sections, these are the best areas to take a picture. The natural light will look better and you can easily capture people in your photos. Ideally, you should look for statues or art designs to take pictures in front of. For example, an aquarium could feature a statue design of a shark, penguin, or other sea creature.

Have a person stand next to the next statue for a fun photo opportunity. If no statues are available, then look for an aquarium sign to pose in front of.

3. Steady Your Hand

In an aquarium, many of the animals will swim fast and move quickly. You could run into a challenge as you try to capture photos of the animals. When you hold your phone up to take a picture, you can capture in-focus shots when you add extra support to your hand. Use your free hand to hold your wrist up and really steady the shot.

With the extra hand support, you will reduce motion blur and can ensure all of the fish and sea creatures remain fully in focus.

Keep all of these tips in mind the next time you order aquarium tickets