What To Know Before You Book A Manta Ray Snorkel Tour

For an avid swimmer and diver, there is something alluring and exciting about taking a manta ray snorkel tour that appeals to many people. If you are one of them, it can be a bucket list type of adventure to see these sea creatures in their natural habitat, swimming by you in the ocean.

If you are planning on booking a manta ray snorkel tour, here are some tips to help you make the most of it.

Anyone Can Swim With Mantas As Long As They Can Swim  

If you are planning to go on vacation with the family and would like to take a manta ray snorkel tour, you might wonder if you would have to leave certain members of your group behind, such as children or those who can't swim. This isn't the case, however, and almost anyone can swim amongst the manta rays.

Many manta ray snorkel tours offer trips with children as long as their parents or guardians are present. Since they aren't diving but instead swimming on top of the water, they can use floatation devices to help keep them afloat.

It's best if your child is a good swimmer as non-swimmers aren't recommended to come on the trip due to ocean waves.

The Right Time Of Day

While the majority of snorkeling trips take place during the daytime hours, if you wish to take a manta ray snorkel tour, then you will have to head out on the ocean at night. They are nighttime feeders so they head toward the surface looking for food when the sun sets. This is the best time to see them.

It is possible, however, to snorkel during the daytime and still see manta rays, but it will prove harder and the majority of tours do take place after dark.

The Best Time Of Year To Take A Tour

It's possible to see manta rays at any time of year as they do tend to stay local to the area and don't migrate. This means you can book your vacation whenever is most convenient for you and not be dependent on certain times of the year.

However, for the best chance of seeing manta rays on a snorkel tour and for the best time snorkeling, the summer months are your best bet. The water tends to be calmer in many areas and the manta rays seem to be more active due to the warmer water. 

Bear in mind, the summer months are popular times for vacations, so book your trip early to avoid disappointment.