Horror Movie Lovers: 4 Pinball Machines Your Can Have Repaired & Restored For Your Collection

The world of horror movies has expanded well beyond just the films. Iconic horror movie villains like Frankenstein, Freddy Krueger, and The Mummy have lived on in pop-culture. They are annual Halloween costumes, printed on numerous products, and several have received their own pinball machines. If you're a huge horror movie lover, then you can purchase a variety of pinball machines based on the movies. Several of these machines are dated, so it's a good idea to have them repaired and restored by a pinball machine repair company before displaying them with your horror memorabilia collections. Browse through a variety of these pinball machines and see some of the most common repairs that you will need to make them operational again.

Freddy: A Nightmare on Elm Street Pinball

Originally released in 1994, the official Nightmare on Elm Street pinball machine features a lot of details dedicated to the slasher film series. If you're able to get your hands on this retro machine, then you may come across several different problems that need repairs. One of the more obvious areas is the mechanical Freddy head that sits on the top left of the playing board. The mouth opens and shuts as voice clips from Freddy plays. Another area is down near the flippers. There is a special claw save that can be activated. Four mechanical claws pop-up to the block the fall from going down. If this part has malfunctioned, then pinball repair workers can help flip the mechanism and ensure that it pops up properly every time it is used.

Tales from the Crypt

Try to defeat the Cryptkeeper and all of his evil monsters in a colorful and lively pinball machine that was released back in 1993. Based off both the movies and television show anthology, the pinball machine features a captive ball spinner and a shaker motor. Each of these features can become worn and defective over time. If you choose to purchase this machine, those are first two elements that you should have repaired and replaced. It will help the machine operate as normal and prevent any balls from getting stuck.

Monster Bash

Play pinball on a board featuring a large collection of horror movie monsters. This arcade features Frankenstein, the Mummy, the Wolfman, and the Creature from the Black Lagoon, among others. One of the more sensitive parts of this pinball machine are the animated monsters that sit on the playing field. The monsters move and rotate when they are activated. A repair company can test out the machine to ensure that all of these motions are working correctly and the monsters will activate when they are supposed to.

Once you purchase a pinball machine, you can contact a repair company, such as Great Selections, for estimates on parts and labor.