3 Tips To Focus & Thrive In An Escape Room

Escape rooms are exciting ways to solve puzzles, figure out mysteries, and spend time with friends. If you plan an escape room adventure, the ultimate goal should be to win and escape. While challenges are not impossible, if you go in with the wrong mindset, you could miss out on clues and not find the proper way to escape in time.

Learn about ways to focus, prepare, and play strongly inside an escape room.

1. Eat Before You Go

When you are in an escape room, you want to dedicate your complete focus to the puzzles and finding a way to escape. The last thing you want to worry about is a grumbling stomach. You should plan your escape room trips around meals. Eat a little bit before the escape room so you are relaxed and focused on the tasks.

You can choose to skip out on dessert and save the sweet treat portion as a way to celebrate once you've managed to defeat the escape room.

2. Use Individual Senses

Once you're inside the escape room, you can easily become overloaded with sensory information. There may be a lot of elements to visualize, you may have to examine physical items, and you could have to deal with voice-overs, sound effects, or musical tracks playing in the room.

When possible, try to limit distractions. For example, you could plug your ears and get a sense for the visuals of the room. Without sound distractions, you can focus on individual elements and see where any clues may appear.

If you are examining an object like a bookshelf, close your eyes and just feel with your hands. You may notice something unusual or find a notch to a hidden compartment. If audio clues play over a speaker, sit down, close your eyes and focus to really take in the clues.

3. Split Up and Team Up

Telling you to split up and team up may seem contradictory, but each element works well in different situations. For example, at the start of the escape room, you should split up and try to cover as much ground as possible. You want to uncover clues early. During the second half of the escape room, you want to team up.

Puzzle solving and critical thinking works a lot better when teams work together to figure things out. Teaming up will help you get through the process and successfully escape the room without any problems.

Use these tips to help thrive in an escape room and increase your success rate over time.